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I & E Field Services 
Premier Control Systems is committed to providing a wide array of I&E Field Services with one objective: Helping your operation run as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Our service department is a group of highly trained professionals equipped with the knowledge to meet the challenges of our ever growing industry.

The following are a list of our I&E Field Services:

Pneumatic installation
Electrical installation
Call – out services
Panel technicians
SCADA Technicians
PLC Technicians
Instrumentation technicians
Instrumentation fitters
Testing and Calibration
Trouble shooting & refurbishment
Flow and Gas measurement
Equipment & Material sales
Equipment Rental


We are committed to providing an array of industry services.
Premier Control Systems is equipped to support you and your project’s turn around needs. Our support team is available to offer solutions designed to meed the toughest challenges. We can provide turnkey services for almost any process control project. Our goal is to help your operation to run as efficiently and profitably as possible and we have the record to prove it. To find out more, click on the links to your left.